Policy Process

There are four phases in the development and approval process for University policy. These phases are outlined below. For guidance, please refer to the detailed Policy Development Flowchart.

1. Internal Policy Drafting Process

Several situations may create the need for a new or revised policy. Once a need is identified, the operational group consults the Policy Specialist for guidance and help to develop a policy for submission to the next appropriate level of review. Together the operational group and the Policy Specialist determine whether a policy is for internal purposes only (Internal Policy), will affect other campus units (University Policy), or needed at all. Completion of the Policy Scope Statement before drafting a policy is encouraged to help best determine policy scope and impact.

University Impact

  • Identify potential impact on constituent groups
  • Gather feedback from the originating operational group
  • Gather feedback from constituents

Internal Impact

  • Gather feedback from the originating operational group

The operational group then drafts a policy that incorporates appropriate feedback. Use of the Standard Policy Template is strongly encouraged.

2. Submission of Draft to Sponsoring Member/Policy Specialist

The operational group submits the draft policy to the sponsoring member of the Officers Group responsible for the area charged with developing the policy. The sponsoring member either approves or asks for additional clarification or modification.

Once the sponsoring member approves, the operational group either files the policy (if it is internal) or the Policy Specialist forwards it to the General Counsel for legal review. The General Counsel either approves the policy or proposes modifications.

Once the General Counsel has approved the policy, it is returned to the Policy Specialist for continued processing.

Additionally, if a University committee or task force develops a policy, that group can forward the policy to the Policy Specialist for further action.

3. Policy Specialist Processing

The Policy Specialist will assist the operational group or University committee to ensure that the proposed policy is vetted with other affected University departments/leadership.

If the policy needs additional review, the Policy Specialist will seek final constituent review.

The Policy Specialist works with the University Officers Group for their review and the University Policy Committee for their approval of the proposed University Policy. For academic policies, the University Academic Council processes and approves those policies according to their own governing procedures.

4. Policy Establishment, Implemented & Retained in Repository

If the University Policy Committee does not approve the policy, it is returned to the sponsoring member of the Officers Group for revision, along with the relevant comments.

If the University Policy Committee does approve the policy, it recommends final adoption of the policy to the University President. Once the President has adopted the policy, the Policy Specialist places it in the Policy Repository.

The operational group implements the policy and communicates the policy to constituent groups.

The Policy Specialist works with the operational group to promulgate the policy.