Policies A-Z

Academic Articles
Academic Misconduct, Student
Access to Research Funds
Accountable Plan for Business Expense Reporting
Adjustment ts to Base Salary
Adoption Benefit
Alcohol, Service of
Alternative Work Site
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Animal Research
Applicant Screening
Athletic Tickets
Automobile Mileage Reimbursement
Benefits Continuation (COBRA)
Capital Assets Accounting
Cash Policies
Charitable Contribution - Acknowledge
Charitable Contributions by Notre Dame
Charitable Contribution Directed
Charitable Contribution in Lieu of Compensation or Payment for Services
Charity Gaming
Charter of the University
Chemical Safety
Child Care
Classification as Gift or Grant
Classified Research
Coaching and Counseling
Code of Honor, Academic
Collaborative Research Awards
Commercial Motor Vehicle
Compensation for Additional Work
Computing Device Purchases on Sponsored Projects
Computer Purchase
Conflict of Commitment
Conflict of Interest
Conflict Of Interest Policy - Trustee
Consensual Relationships
Construction Funding Projects
Controversial Issues - Guidelines
Copyright Policy
Corrective Action - Exempt Staff
Corrective Action - Non-Exempt
Cost Sharing
Cost Sharing Guidelines
Cost Transfers
Data Retention and Access
Delegation of Authority
Determining Allowability of Costs
Direct Charging of Administrative Costs
Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit of Pay
Direct vs. Indirect Costs
Disabilities, Accommodating Individuals with
Disability, Long Term
Disability Retirement
Discretionary Funds
Drugs and Alcohol
Drug and Alcohol Testing
du Lac
Dual Career Assistance Program
E-Commerce Guidelines
Educational Benefits
Education Benefits - Non-Notre Dame Tuition
Effort Reporting
Employee and Manager Responsibilities Related to Pay
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employee File, Access to
Employee Payments to Individuals
Employee Recognition
Endowed Chairs and Professorship Policy
Endowment Policies
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Ethical Conduct
Faculty Handbook
Family Medical Leave (FMLA)
Family Medical Leave - Faculty (FMLA)
Federal and State Codes and Regulations (ND Marketplace)
Federal Property Management Standards
FERPA (Student Records)
Flexible Benefits Program
Finance Data Access Management
Financial Aid, Disbursing
Financial Aid, Satisfactory Academic Progress
Firearms and Other Weapons
Football Ticket Lottery Guidelines, Alumni
Fringe Benefits
Funeral Leave
Gift or Grant, Classification of
Gifts, Prizes, and Awards
Golf Cart/Off-Road Vehicle Rental
Graduate School Academic Regulations
Grant Responsibilities
Grievance Procedures
Highly Sensitive Information Handling Standards
Hosting National Political Candidates or Elected Officials
Human Subjects in Research Policy
Identification Cards
Immigration and Employment Issues
Incidental Days
Inclement Weather
Information Security
Information Technology Equipment Purchase on Sponsored Projects
Information Technology Incident Report
Information Technology Standards
Integrity Line (Workplace Concerns)
Intellectual Property
Internal Research Collaborations
IRS Election Year Fact Sheet
Issue Resolution
Joint Ventures
Journal Entry Review
Jury Duty and Subpoenas
Leave of Absence, Military
Leave of Absence, Personal
Length of Service
Library Circulation
Licenses and Certifications
Live Vertebrate Animals
Long-Term Care Insurance
Mass Email Communications Policy
Meals on Sponsored Projects
Media Inquiries
Military Family Leave
Minor, Employment of
Mobile Device Policy
Moving and Relocation
Moving Expenses
NetID Access to University IT Resources
Non-Discrimination Clause
Orientation Period
Other Compensation
Overtime and Travel Compensation for Non-Exempt Employees
Parental Leave
Participant Support Costs
Pay Periods 
Payroll Advances
Payroll Expense Charged to Sponsored Projects
Pension Plan
Performance Management Policy
Performance Reviews
Pledged, Third-Party Payments
Policy on Government Contacts
Political Campaign Intervention
Position Classification
Position Types, Defined
Postdoctoral Appointment Policy
Privacy Policy, Online
Procurement for National Science Foundation (NSF) Federal Financial Report
Procurement Card Policy and Procedures
Professional Development & Learning
Professional Image
Program Income
Promotion and Transfer
Protection of Children
Purchasing Policies
Radiation Safety Manual
Receiving, Central
Recharge Centers and Annual Approval Rates
Recognition, Employee
Records Management & Archives
Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring
Refund Payment Policy
Relatives, Employment of
Release of Information on Current/Former Employees
Research Misconduct
Residual Funds
Respectful Work Environment
Responsible Use of IT Resources
Rest and Meal Periods
Restricted Funds Budget Process
Retention of Grantor Contract Financial Records
Retiree Health and Life Insurance
Retirement Plan, Faculty and Exempt Staff
Retirement Plan, Voluntary
Royalties Tax Policy
Salary Administration Guidelines
Searches of University Property/Personal Belongings
Security Services
Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment
Sexual Harassment Reporting And Response Procedure
Short Term Income Replacement (STIR) Exempt
Short Term Income Replacement (STIR) Non-Exempt
Sick Leave, Non-Exempt Staff
Social Media Guidelines (Public Affairs)
Solicitations and Canvassing
Spirit of Inclusion
Staff Compensation
Statutes of Notre Dame
Strong Password Standard
Student Travel and Tax Issues
Subrecipient Monitoring
Summer Employment
Taxability of Immigration Fees
Temporary Employment
Termination of Employment/Separation
Ticket Resale Policy
Ticket Will Call Policy
Title IX
Tornado Safety
Travel/Accident Insurance
Travel Entertainment and Business Expenses
Travel on Sponsored Projects
Unemployment Insurance
University Constructed Equipment
Use of Notre Dame Name and Brand
Utilities Emergencies
Vacation, Exempt Staff
Vacation, Non-Exempt Staff
Vehicle Use - Employee
Vehicle Use - Students
Violence in the Community
Withdrawal from the University
Work Schedules
Workers' Compensation
Year-End Close Policies